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Hello Rutgers KSA!


My name is Jennie, and I am a 2017 graduate of Missouri State University - and a member of Engage Korea


Engage Korea is a student­-driven humanitarian and educational initiative on the DPRK (North Korea) whose vision is to cultivate a global network of students, junior scholars, and practitioners who are well-informed about the DPRK, thereby creating a sustained effort for peace-building on the Korean Peninsula. We do not follow any political agenda, striving to be impartial, constructive, and informative.


I am reaching out to you - and to many university faculty and student organizations - in hopes of connecting with students who seek to become educated for effective engagement with the DPRK. Engage Korea offers conferences, panels, and online courses on topics ranging from economics and international relations to healthcare and humanitarianism.


Do you know students or faculty who are interested in North Korea?


I attached a .pdf that explains a bit more about who we are. Feel free to share that file with others, and if you or faculty or students would like to receive our newsletters, you can learn more about us and what we do.


If you have any interest in knowing more, in receiving our newsletter, or partnering with us to host an event at Rutgers, please get in touch!


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,


Jennie Telfer

Connectedness - Strategic - Input - Learner - Intellection
M.S. Child and Family Development

GCT Conflict and Dispute Resolution
Missouri State University


Engage Korea FB: 

No. Subject Author Date Views
Notice 이곳은 야외 및 실내 각종 활동을 위한 게시판입니다. RKGSA 2007.07.15 27556
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147 영화 '헤로니모' 뉴브런스윅 상영회 초청 RKGSA 2020.02.25 130
146 서울대 뉴욕동창회 장학금 신청서 file RKGSA 2018.10.06 576
145 Free Networking Lunch at AIChE RKGSA 2018.10.06 178
144 2018 KOCSEA Symposium Student Scholarship Competition 홍보 부탁드립니다. file RKGSA 2018.09.22 1802
143 화학과 박사과정/포스닥 과정에 있는 분들과 저녁식사 w 경보제약 관계자들 RKGSA 2018.09.09 442
» Interested in engaging North Korea on a humanitarian level? file RKGSA 2018.09.09 1447
141 뉴저지 에디슨 법륜스님 즉문즉설 강연 _ 9/11 SYK 커뮤니티센타 RKGSA 2018.08.30 153
140 법륜스님 뉴욕 뉴저지 강연 file RKGSA 2017.09.05 218
139 에디슨 법륜스님 '행복강좌' 정기개설 RKGSA 2016.10.17 304
138 [KOTRA] 제7차 청년드림 뉴욕캠프 - 국제기구편 file RKGSA 2016.10.07 209
137 [KOTRA] 제6차 청년드림뉴욕캠프-경제/경영분야 RKGSA 2016.09.21 375
136 법륜스님 희망강연 즉문즉설 file RKGSA 2016.08.31 254
135 [KOTRA] 청년드림 뉴욕캠프 보건(간호)/치의학 분야 file RKGSA 2016.08.10 262
134 SBS <케이팝스타6> 오디션 file RKGSA 2016.07.06 372
133 Invitation:Progress in US-Korea Relations, June 2, 2016, 6:00PM RKGSA 2016.05.31 544
132 Invitation:The Legacy of General James Van Fleet, May 17, 2016 12:30PM RKGSA 2016.05.12 495
131 뉴욕 "Korean Street Festival"(한국 거리 축제) file RKGSA 2016.05.06 244
130 Invitation: Samsung Ventures and Digital Healthcare, May 11th at 6pm RKGSA 2016.05.02 236