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KSEA Northeast Regional Conference 2008

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Dear colleagues,

The Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA)
New Jersey, New York and KASBP chapters will hold the 17th KSEA Northeast Regional Conference (NRC) as follows:

Place: DoubleTree Hotel, 200 Atrium Drive, Somerset, NJ 08873
Date & Schedule: June 13-14 (Friday-Saturday), 2008.

Conference Schedule at a Glance
June 13, 2008 (Friday)
          06:00 pm - 07:30 pm               Registration
          07:30 pm - 09:30 pm               Opening Ceremony and Banquet
June 14, 2008 (Saturday)
          08:00 am - 08:45 am               Registration and Breakfast
          08:45 am - 11:45 am               Technical Session
          12:00 pm - 01:00 pm               Closing Remarks and Luncheon
          01:30 pm -                                 Special Social Events (Golf)

The objective of this annual conference, NRC, is to provide a forum in which scientists and engineers in major areas present their research findings and share ideas. NRC2008 will also contribute the advancement of research and development in both USA and Korea. In addition, it will provide an opportunity for members and other subject matter experts to establish professional networks, as well as to explore career opportunities. All major branches of science and technology will be accommodated by the NRC2008, such as bio & pharmaceutical science, information technology, and material & process technology. We expect more than 250 Korean-American scientists and engineers to attend the NRC2008. They are mostly from leading R&D companies in the New Jersey and New York Metropolitan areas including AT&T, Alcatel-Lucent, IBM, Telcordia, Sanofi-Aventis, Bristol Meyer Squibb, CJ, GSK, Hoffmann-La Roche, Johnson & Johnson, , Merck, Novartis, Samsung, Schering Plough, SK, PTC Therpeutics, Thornton Tomasetti, Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, Parsons Brinkerhoff, Langan Engineering, Infinieon Technologies Corp., and Wyeth, to name a few. They also include educators and student members from major universities, such as Rutgers University, Princeton University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Polytechnic University, Columbia University, Rockefeller University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rhode Island, University of Washington, and Harvard Medical School. Besides technical sessions, there will also be social events like golf.

The NRC2008 Committee would like to extend an invitation to you to this wonderful forum.  Should you have any questions regarding NRC2008, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope to see you all in June!


Young-Choon Moon, Ph.D.                  Seongwon Kim, Ph.D.                         Hong-Yong Kim, Ph.D.      
KSEA-NJ                                                  KSEA-NY Metro                                     KASBP
Conference Co-Chair                            Conference Co-Chair                         Conference Co-Chair

June 13, 2008 (Friday)

6:00 PM ~ 7:30 PM, Friday, June 13, 2008
Coordinators:  Dr. Jaesik Lee, Alcatel-Lucent
                          Dr. Nakyen Choy, Sanofi-Aventis
Opening Ceremony & Banquet
7:30 PM ~ 09:30 PM, Friday, June 13, 2008
Coordinator:  Dr. Minkyu Lee, Alcatel-Lucent
Opening Remark:
                Dr. Young-Choon Moon , PTC Therapeutics
                Conference Co-Chair, President of KSEA NJ Chapter
Congratulatory Remarks:
                Dr. Kang-Wook Lee, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, President Elect, KSEA
Keynote Speech:  
"More Mechanism – Based Drug Development"
Dr. Howard Lee, University of California, San Francisco
June 14, 2008 (Saturday)

Registration & Breakfast
8:00 AM ~ 8:45 AM, Saturday, June 14, 2008
Coordinators:  Dr. Jaesik Lee, Alcatel-Lucent
                          Dr. Nakyen Choy, Sanofi-Aventis
8:00 AM ~ 8:45 AM, Saturday, June 14, 2008
Technical Session
LCD projector formats are highly recommended for all presentations.
08:45 AM ~ 11:45 AM, Saturday, June 14, 2008

Biological & Pharmaceutical Science
Chair: Dr. Hanjo Lim, Sanofi-Aventis
“Predictive Biomarker Development For The Targeted Chemotherapeutic Ixabepilone”
                Dr. Hyerim Lee, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
“Application of Biopharmaceutics Classification System to Prodrug Strategy in Drug Discovery and Development”
               Dr. Dooman Oh, PPD Inc.
“Model-based Drug Development”
               Dr. Saeheum Song, Daiichi Sankyo Pharmaceuticals
“Drug Development and The Role of Project Management”
               Dr. Kiyean Nam, Merck & Co.
“Novel TrkB agonist antibody as a potential neuroprotective and regenerative therapy for the treatment of neurological disorders”
              Dr. Seongeun Cho, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals

Advanced Materials & Processing Tech
Chair:  Dr. Soojae Park, IBM Research        
“Signaling Limits of Electrical Packaging”
             Dr. Dong Gun Kam, IBM Research
“Cooling Rate Dependent Polymer Fracture Toughness Measurement”
             Dr. Soojae Park, IBM Research
“Electron Beam Projection Nanopatterning using Crystal Lattice Images Obtained from High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy”
            Dr. Ki-Bum Kim, Seoul National University
“A Compliant and Creep Resistant SAC-Al(Ni) Alloy”
            Dr. Hong-Sik Hwang, Indium Co.

Information Technology          
Chair:  Dr. Yeon Jun Kim, AT&T Labs-Research
“Anycast CDNs Revisited”
            Dr. Seungjoon Lee, AT&T Labs-Research
“Next Generation IT Platforms for Small and Medium Business”
           Dr. Jonghyuk Choi, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
“Vehicle Ad-hoc Multicasting Protocol for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communications”
           Dr. John Lee, Telcordia Technologies
“Millimeter-Wave Radios Comes of Age.”
           Dr. Jaesik Lee, Alcatel-Lucent

Closing Remarks & Luncheon
12:00 PM ~ 01:00 PM, Saturday, June 14, 2008
Coordinator:  Dr. Hong-Yong Kim, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
                        Conference Co-Chair, President of KASBP

NRC 2008 Contribution Award Ceremony
Closing Remark:
                Dr. Seongwon Kim, IBM Research
               Conference Co-Chair, President of KSEA NY Chapter

Please check the KASBP website for more information
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