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KSEA-NJ One Day Ski Trip

RKGSA 2006.02.16 21:23 Views : 5305

Host: KSEA NJ Chapter
Location: Camelback Ski Resort
When: Saturday, February 25, 8:30am
Phone: 570-629-1661
Dear KSEA-NJ members,

With support from many of members, KSEA-NJ SKi Club is opening one more trip to CamelBack Ski resort on the Feb. 25th., Saturday. KSEA-NJ will
support Udong/Rice noodle and snack. Member's family and friends are
all invited to the event.

Here is the plan:
1. Check the package available and price below, also on the web site
( And choose the package appropriate for you and your family:

a. Open-to-close lift ticket only: $36 if group rate is applied
b. First Time Skier Package includes lift (restricted to bunny
slope), rental, lesson: $53, if group rate is applied
c. First Time Snowboarder Package includes lift (restricted to
bunny slope), rental, lesson: $59, if group rate is applied
d. All Area ski Package :lift (restricted to bunny slope), rental,
lesson: $60, if group rate is applied
e. All Area board Package: lift (restricted to bunny slope),
rental, lesson: $66, if group rate is applied

* I suggest renting skies near your home the day before, rental at
the resort takes up to one hour sometimes. Rental is $20 for ski and $28
for board at the resort w/group discount.
* Group discount may not be available, if the participants are
smaller than 15.
* The package (b,c,d,e) include one 1 1/2 hour(90min) lesson which
will be available for 4 years old and up. Additional 1 1/2 hour lesson is
* Kid's program: 9:00-3:00pm whole day program is $110 for 4 -7 years
and $115 for 8-12 years, which requires a separate reservation. Call
the resort.

2. Send an email to Eunyoung Kim( by Feb. 21st
(Tuesday) 5:00pm in the following format:
The number of participants: Adults ( ) Youth ( ) Kids ( ) *Kids
means 12 & under.
The package number you chose from the below: Package number ( ) #
of tickets( )
Kid's helmet is provided for free as a courtesy, if she/he signed up
a lesson.
Your day-time contact number/email: (if you haven't joined the Ski
Club event before)

3. Some penalty may be applied for the cancellation after the
reservation (Wednesday noon) is made.

4. Details (place to meet & time and more) on the event will be sent
out by email only to the participants. *Ticket pick up is 8:30am-9:00am
@west cafeteria.

5. Non-members are encouraged to join as a member. However, we also
welcome previous/future KSEA-NJ member family and friends. Non-member
guest fee is $10 per family two adults and two kids) and $5 per single for
this trip. Each member is allowed to accompany one adult (excluding
oneself) and two kids or two adult friends.

* This is likely to be the last KSEA-NJ ski trip (that I organize) for
this season. If you want to organize the next trip, you're welcome to
do so. Please send an email to

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