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UKC( US-Korea Conference) 2019

2019.04.11 23:14

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Dear KSEA members and Previous UKC participants,


The 32nd annual US-Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (UKC 2019) is jointly organized by the Korean-American Scientists and Engineers Association (KSEA) and the Korean Federation of Science and Technology Societies (KOFST). It draws over 1,000 scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, government officials, corporate executives, and policy-makers. This year’s conference, UKC 2019, will be held on August 14 – 17, 2019 at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont near Chicago O’Hare Airport. Building on the strength of having numerous national laboratories, government agencies, universities and industries near the venue, UKC 2019 provides valuable opportunities for cooperation between the US and Korea.

The UKC 2019 theme “Smart Science, Engineering, and Health for Livable Communities” focuses on UKC’s special multi-disciplinary nature. UKC 2019 provides an environment where convergence and innovation can be shared through interdisciplinary integrations. The program covers broad areas of science and technology, including but not limited to basic science, applied science, engineering, technology, entrepreneurship, and science policy.


On behalf of the UKC 2019 Program Committee and organizing/sponsoring organizations, we invite you to submit the one-page extended abstract, which describes significant research findings, R&D trends, and future prospects of sciences and technologies in the technical groups listed below:

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Mathematics, Geology, Meteorology, Statistics
  4. Biology, Botany, Zoology, Biomedical Engineering, Genetic Engineering
  5. Agriculture, Ecology, Food, Nutrition
  6. Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Science, Veterinary Medicine, Physical Education
  7. Chemical Engineering, Textile Engineering, Nuclear Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Applied Chemistry
  8. Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Naval Architecture
  9. Materials Science, Metallurgy, Mining Engineering
  10. Civil Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering
  11. Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Communication Engineering
  12. Computer Science, Systems Engineering
  13. Industrial Engineering and Management Science

During a submission process, you must select a technical group (A through M) where your extended abstract will be considered for a podium presentation or a poster. All extended abstracts are required to be written in English. The extended abstracts submitted will be reviewed and selected by each Technical Program Committee. All extended abstracts accepted for UKC 2019 will be published in an electronic version of the proceedings/program booklet. 

Young Generation and Professional Forums

For professionals and Young Generation members of KSEA, UKC 2019 provides the following non-technical avenues of participation through the Young Generation Forum and the Professional Forum (also known as YG/PF):

  • Lightning Talk – 5-min presentation (followed by 1-2 min of Q&A) on a career development or leadership topic
  • Poster – present at the Poster Session about a career development or leadership topic

Submission of Extended Abstract and Application for Financial Support

All one-page extended abstracts must be submitted through the online system at http://ukc.ksea.org/ukc2019/. Online submission website will be available starting February 21, 2019. The one-page extended abstract template can be obtained from http://ukc.ksea.org/ukc2019/. Please note that there is a separate application process (via UKC website) for YG/PF participants.

Should you have any questions, please send your inquiry to 2019ukc@gmail.com.

Important Dates

Early extended abstract* submission deadline:      April 15, 2019 (for registration discount)

Early YG/PF* application deadline:                       April 15, 2019 (for registration discount)

Lodging grant application deadline:                      April 15, 2019 (students and early career professionals only)

Notification of early submission acceptance:         April 30, 2019

Extended abstract submission deadline:               April 30, 2019 (no extension will be granted)

YG/PF application deadline:                                 April 30, 2019 (no extension will be granted)

Final notification of acceptance:                           May 15, 2019

Online registration begins:                                   May 15, 2019

Early registration** deadline:                               May 31, 2019

Online registration closure:                                  June 30, 2019 

* Qualified for lodging grant application (valid only for students and early career professional)

** Qualified for discount on registration



Jun-Seok Oh, Conference Chair / KSEA President-Elect

Myung-Ja Kim, Conference Co-Chair / KOFST President

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