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Room for Rent

2018.05.17 22:10

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This is a house on the 2nd floor of the condo. I am the house owner, looking for a roommate. 

Looking for: Male (at least a year); female (June ~ August)
Age: preferably 20~30; any age is fine.
- Large room ($1,000/month - rent available from June to August; size: roughly 36*26); 
- Small room ($700/month - priority goes to those willing to pay for $750; size: roughly12*13 square feet)
- sharing: one big living room + kitchen +dryer/washer next to the kitchen 
- each room: closet & restroom 
- Every weekend after June 1st
Furnished: No
- if you want the room to be furnished, the rent will be raised by $50; you get a desk, chair, bed, and a lamp.
Utility: not included
we will split bills for electricity, water, gas, wifi, and sewage. This shouldn't exceed $100/month except winter when we use more gas.
1) No pet. The entire house is carpeted except the kitchen.
2) No babies. 
3) Absolutely No party. You can bring in the company but I wish them to be as quiet as possible and leave before the midnight. 
4) Please be neat and quiet. I am a student who studies healthcare field. I have a lot to study for.
5) Otherwise, I am a very flexible person. Let's respect and communicate. Then we should be fine. 
- Phone: 732-519-2211 (only through text; I will give you back a call)
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