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Severe weather on saturday

2008.09.05 09:35

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다음과 같이 이메일이 왔네요.

catch up on your paper가 찔리네요 -_-;;

To all residents,

    Tropical storm Hannah is moving up the coastline, threatening us with
heavy rains and wind during the day on Saturday. We are recommending that you take
precautions to insure your comfort during the period of the storm. Securely close
all windows, to help keep rain out. Move your furniture, electronics, and
fragile items away from windows to avoid the possibility of water damage from
wind-driven rain. Move all drygoods, papers, books, etc., up off the floor. If you do
experience any water intrusion, contact your Residence Life staff. They will have
contact with support people who will be available to assist you.

   Rent a movie, read a book, catch up on that paper you're writing. Before
you know it, the storm will pass by, and the sun will be out again.