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Robotics company를 찾습니다.

2017.01.10 12:13

NamKim Views:189

안녕하세요, Rutgers Biomedical Eng.에서 2007까지 공부한 김남훈입니다. 

혹시 주변에 EE, ME, small batch manufacturing/assembly/testing 까지 하는 Robotics company 아시면 연락 주시기 바랍니다.

I am in search for a robotics company who is versatile and competent, capable of small batch manufacturing. We specialize in clinical VR exercise devices development, using human signal sensors subsystem (force, movement, temperature, etc.), integrated with mechanical actuators (linear motors, tilt/angle sensors), especially targeted for patients with motor/cognitive impairments.

We want a company who can co-develop such a system with us from design concept/revision/BOM generation/manufacturing/assembly/testing, which is pretty much a full cycle of R&D. Please feel free to contact me for further discussion/questions on possible subcontract/collaboration with us.

Nam H. Kim PhD
Director of Engineering
Bright Cloud Int'l Corp
Mobile: 908-420-7010