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My name is Kyung Chul Yoon and I am the president of Tongil Korean Soccer Team. This is my invitation to everyone who are interested in soccer or any other sports.
The purpose of our team is to grow Korean Cultural Awareness in Greater Philadelphia Area. We also would like Korean Organizations in different school to bond together with sports. We practices and offer friendly matches as well as hosting tournaments.


Here is a brief information about our team.


1. TONGIL SOCCER TEAM WAS FOUND IN YEAR OF 2006 by Kevin Kyoungtek Kim. The purpose of this team was to connect the 1st and 2nd generation Koreans to continue our heritage and bond together with sports. Kevin was the president of The National Unification Advisory Council in Philadelphia and the team name came after. Despite a decade of struggle, Tongil Soccer Team stayed strong and now we are reaching out to you to be part of our family.


2. Tongil is a men's soccer team and WE PLAY LOCALLY AND NATIONALLY. Our team competes against other organized teams mainly within the Korean Community. Majority of members are college students plus some recent graduates and young professionals.

  - Local: Korean American Soccer Association League in Philadelphia, NY, NJ, MD, and DC/College or Adult league in Philadelphia

  - Nationally: Korean Olympics, Korean World Cup (Location varies)

3. Tongil is MORE THAN JUST A SOCCER TEAM! We also do many other activities such as voluntary work, other sports, camping trips, team dinners, professional networking, and much more. You should come and check it out!


4. We have FLEXIBLE TIME AND LOCATION. Participation is very important for our team, so it varies depending on schedule and location of majority of people. Previously, our practices were held at Temple Main, Cheltenham, Ambler, Horsham and many other places. As of now, practices will be held at Penn Park (3000 Walnut street) on Sat 7 PM. If this is too far out of your way, we can arrange something near you for one weekend and see how it goes.
Location: Penn Park (3000 Walnut Street Philadelphia, PA 19104)
Time: Saturday 7 PM
Do you have your own school team? Don't worry! We would like to organize a friendly match. We have a couple of members who have a referee certification. We can play or even host the game. We would like to invite colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area to host a tournament. Let me know if you are interested.
I would like to ask you to make an announcement about our team and hopefully, I will see you on the field. Thank you for your time.
Kyung Yoon, EIT
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