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Dear Rutgers Korean Graduate Students Association Members:

The Korea Society invites you and members of Rutgers Korean Graduate Students Association as our complimentary guests to our upcoming program on Thursday, April 16, 2015 at 12 PM titled, "Korea's Economic Outlook" with Phil Suttle and Charles Kimball, at The Korea Society (950 Third Avenue, 8th Fl, NYC).

Phil Suttle, Director of Global Economic Analysis for Tudor Investment Corporation, and Charles Kimball, Managing Director for Korea Center for International Finance, offer analyses on the state of the South Korean economy and how deflationary concerns affects prospects for growth.

Charles Kimball was previously Chief Investment Research Consultant for Bosera Asset Management in Shenzhen, China (2006-09). Before that he worked for J. P. Morgan Investment Management (1971-2000) in equity research; in economic, fixed income and public policy research; as Head of Research for Morgan Trust Bank in Tokyo (1987-1990); and as Head of International Investments for the JPMorgan Multi-Market Special Investment Funds (1990-2000). Mr. Kimball also serves on the Planning Committee and as Head of Evening Programs for the Foreign Policy Association’s Great Decisions chapter in Katonah, New York. He received a BA with honors in economics from Harvard (’67) and an MBA from Stanford (’71).

Phil Suttle joined Tudor in June 2013 and is based in the Washington D.C. office. He works in the Global Research Department and is responsible for the analysis of global economic trends and related policy issues, as well as the development of Tudor’s new weekly publication: Tudor Market Notes. Prior to joining Tudor, Mr. Suttle was (i) Chief Economist at the Institute of International Finance (“IIF”) in Washington D.C. (2007-2013); (ii) Global Head of Emerging Market Research at Barclays Capital (2005-2007); and (iii) Global Head of Foreign Exchange Research at JP Morgan Chase (2003-2005). He also held various research positions at the World Bank (2002-2003), the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (2001), the Bank of England (1983-1985 and 1987-1988) and the IIF (1985-1987). Mr. Suttle spent most of his early career as an Economist at the London and New York offices of JP Morgan Chase (1988-2001), where he developed the bank’s flagship economics product, Global Data Watch. Mr. Suttle received his B.A. (First Class Honors) in History and Economics (1981) and his M.Phil. in Economics (1983) from Oxford University.

We would be happy to extend a discounted admission fee of $5 to students. Registration and light fare will be on offer starting at 11:30 AM, and we would kindly request you to arrive by 12:00 PM to be seated. Please register by writing to 'policy@koreasociety.org' with your name and Rutgers Korean Graduate Students Association as your affiliation to reserve your seats.

Thank you, and we hope to see you on Thursday,


Robert Kang
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