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[강연] "연암과 다산" 3월 3일 1시

2005.02.23 14:11

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Department of Asian Languages and Cultures presents

Lecture by Dr. Mi Sook Ko 고미숙 박사의 강연
[of Research Machine Trans & [연구공간 수요+너머 & 코넬대학교 초청교수]
Cornell University]

March 3, 2005 (Thursday) 2005년 3월 3일 (목)
1-3 pm 오후 1시-3시

Scholarly Communication Center
403 Alexander Library
169 College Avenue
Rutgers University

“Yon-am and Da-san: “연암과 다산: 중세 ‘외부’를
Two Ways of Think “Outside” 사유하는 두가지 경로”
The Medieval”

*The lecture will be in Korean but the English version of the talk will be provided.

Yŏn-am and Ta-san:
Two Ways of Thinking the “Outside” of the Medieval

There are various layers in the critical discourse of the late Chosŏn period. This paper aims to approach differences between Yŏn-am and Ta-san from the critical discursive perspective. Munche panjŏng (文體反正), the Restoration of Right Style was one of the most crucial and controversial events in Korean history. It revealed a confrontation between literary styles and state apparatus at a fundamental level. Ta-san, who was trusted and favored by King Chŏng-jo, stood in the frontline of “the battle against the deterioration of writing,” i.e., unofficial miscellaneous writings. By contrast, Yon-am fled from both the carrot and stick of King Chŏng-jo with great ingenuity. They had different approaches to thinking the “outside of the medieval” and putting their ideas into practices. They also had completely different approaches in connecting to the modern.
Yon-am and Ta-san’s difference are apparent in their approaches to the relationship between language and the order of things. What was important to Yŏn-am was the multiple layers of representation and the dispersion of numerous meanings irreducible to a single central signifier. Yon-am devoted himself to subvert the styles of ancient studies. In Yon-am’s view, writing must contain affections (情動) that give rise to physical stimulation (or resonance). This can be accomplished not by simply putting new content into the given signifying system, but by subverting the expressive system itself.
On the other hand, Ta-san sought to establish the clarity of meaning by restoring the primeval meaning to words or concepts. Ta-san reconstructed a vast signifying system in order to counteract to the predominant discourse. Since words and concepts have their original precise meanings, Ta-san sought to revitalize and to achieve maximum clarity for languages that were infected by Neo-Confucian abstraction.
Their difference is related to their epistemological stances. Yŏn-am developed his epistemology with a group of scholars, which subverted the medieval transcendentalism and transformed nature into an immanent plane of being and becoming. It was a field where concepts such as desire, women, and minority, which were suppressed in the existing system, could play freely. By contrast, Ta-san substituted the metaphysical “law of principle (理法)” with a personified transcendental being, “Divine Emperor(上帝).”
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------약력 : 1960년 강원도 정선 출생.
고려대학교에서 18,9세기 시조사로 박사학위 논문을 받았음.
고려대, 연세대, 한양대 등에서 강의를 했음.
저서 : <19세기 시조의 예술사적 의미>(태학사)
<18세기에서 20세기초 한국 시가사의 구도>(소명출판)
<한국의 근대성, 그 기원을 찾아서>(책세상)
<열하일기, 웃음과 역설의 유쾌한 시공간>(그린비)
<아무도 기획하지 않은 자유>(휴머니스트)
주요 활동 : 비제도권 지식인 공동체 <연구공간 수유+너머>를 운영하고 있음.
이 활동을 인연으로 지난 가을 코넬대학에 초청받아 <한국의 근대성>이라는
테마로 강의를 했음.

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